Wayne's Millennium Mustang

My Baby, the Movie

My Baby, the Movie (Texas Chainsaw Version)

This picture of Baby was taken by a James Shrenk and was put into this poster by Brian Anderson.

The Early Years

At Home

Ready To Roll


On December 30, 2002, I was on my way home from work. I was going northbound with evening traffic. I was in the middle of three lanes.

Out of nowhere, and to my right, a black 1999 Nissan Maxima attempted to bolt across all lanes of traffic. The Nissan clipped another car before T-boning me on the right side. There was no way to avoid getting hit.

The hit was hard enough to cause both airbags to deploy. The primary point of impact was to the passenger door. I was alone in the car. The left rear wheel was broken, the axel was bent, the door smashed in, front and back quarter panels damaged, front bumper scraped, front wheel scraped up.

The culprit was a 74 year old woman. She had no insurance. She was driving on a restricted license. She was not supposed to be driving after dark. Her comment to the police officer, "I didn't see him."

No one was injured.

The car was in the shop for almost 8 weeks.

After the work was done

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